Mr. and Mrs. Calamas!

I am so pumped about the fact that I just gained one INCREDIBLE sister in law this weekend. When I was little I always used to think about who my brothers would end up marrying, and I've been praying for years about each of their future spouses. Seeing my oldest brother blessed with such an amazing spouse has been such a joy to see, and such a great answer to so much prayer! I just love the way David's face lights up when she's around (perfect example below)...little things like that are so good to see as a protective (eek..and sometimes overprotective) sister. What's funny is they also met as next door neighbors at Clemson their sophomore year..exactly like Chris and I (no pressure Blake...) I had the joy of second shooting for a I'm super pumped to post some of those soon! Also, my brother (Blake) and I wrote them a rap for our rehearsal dinner speech. So...maybe there will be a video of that soon...maybe. Anyways, I'm so excited to create great memories with them in the future. :)