My hubby works as a health specialist at a hospital around here. He has a lot of life goals but one of them that I think pretty much ROCKS is that he wants to write a book about health. "A really good book with easy to read charts and pictures and stuff," he says.

Well, anyways, we don't drink soda but maybe once every....6 months? Maybe. Probably not even that much. We stick to water, tea, and coffee, and we do occasionally drink beer and wine with dinner, or socially with friends..but even then, never more than 2.

I like this because soda and other such drinks make ya feel icky, and make your innerds icky too.

So, the other day we were eating lunch and talking about soda and we decided to measure into a glass the amount of sugar in both a typical canned soda as well as a bottled soda...because not a lot comes to mind when I have to think in grams (the way sugar is listed on soda cans and bottles..I wonder if less people would drink soda if they reported in teaspoons or tablespoons of sugar.) Here they are:

Amount of sugar consumed when you drink a bottled soda (like out of the machines..)

And the amount consumed in a typical canned soda:

And excess sugar gets stored in the body as fat.
Nobody wants that.
Our bodies weren't designed to be able to consume all this sugar and be okay!