Swamp Rabbit!

So, Chris took his first "payed time off" days ever this past weekend. He took off Friday and Monday because we went to Alabama for my older brother's wedding, but we actually came back Sunday night after the wedding so Blake wouldn't have to drive back back himself. Since we had Monday free, we decided to FINALLY bike some of the Swamp Rabbit trail up in Greenville. This thing is awesome! It's basically 17-18 miles of paved trailway through the woods...I'm pretty sure they covered over an old railroad track..at least that's what it looks like. You don't have to worry about traffic, and it's so scenic and neat and it just winds through all these really cool areas. (I tried to take a video of some of the ride but I didn't have my big SD card so it wouldn't record. Boo.) There's this awesome little grocery store that some genius came up with that is literally right beside the trail (picture of it at the bottom) that sells all kinds of organic goods/fruits/coffee/etc. They even offer FREE coffee on the weekdays to commuters at certain hours of the morning for those that choose to ride their bikes to work. Since the trail goes straight into downtown Greenville, there are a lot of people that could take advantage of that! I wish I could find a job that I could bike to (and get free coffee on the way..) Anyways, we only went 12 miles, and then we dropped our bikes off at the car and walked/ate dinner in downtown Greenville. It was a blast. (Also, pat on the back to me for remembering my camera/carrying it on my back during the ride so I could take pictures. We're making progress, people...I even TRIED to video. Whoah.) Here are some pictures!