Totally failed at loving without condition this weekend.

I gave into the lie that keeping my mouth shut (in an obvious and hostile manner) would ease the situation and make me feel better.

Total junk. That's why I can't stand the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" phrase. Because I should be pushing passed the "nothing nice to say" stage and saying KIND and LOVING words instead of nothing. The not nice words in my head shouldn't have been there.

How will anything change if I am not an example of unconditional love?


So thankful for mercy and grace. So thankful that I had to embarrassingly cry my eyes out at a church I was just visiting for the first time in a different city. So thankful God dragged the ugliness of my heart out in front of me and reminded me (again) that his solutions are so much better than mine.

I'm also so thankful that He chooses to speak truth through my loving and way too incredible husband.