Proud Wife!

I'm so stinkin' proud of my awesome husband for GETTING INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM in Anderson! It's a 15 month accelerated program which means he'll be a fine-lookin' male nurse (sorry, it's true) in approximately 17 MONTHS! Amazing. You had to have a degree already to get in (unless you were an Anderson student already going through the nursing pre-req program) and it's awesome that Chris' first degree is in Health Science because I think it will help him a with the nursing curriculum.

I'm so pumped about this..and I'm so pumped that I have a husband who listens to his awesome God who led him away from a few other career choices that he once felt so strongly about. That kind of obedience is so cool, and He definitely is working all things out for our good!

Next thing to pray about (some more) is my getting a job.

Acceptance packet that arrived this lovely morning!

Yay!! Congratulations my awesome hubby!
Your super proud and excited wife!