Spent the day in a cabin.
Resting in so much peace
after crying out in frustration over things that are hurting my heart.
Before I left, Chris said to me, "Don't worry..praise Him for everything!"
And boy.....did I NOT want to do that.
At all.
And it wasn't a mistake that I was greeted with 3 separate stories of provision
and blessings that I could mull over for a while.
Then I read Psalm 77.
And then I told him all of the things I was upset about.
And he told me to close my eyes and rest.
And then I remembered Chris' words..and I DID praise him for everything.
I know I don't have all of the right answers..or even the right questions,
but He still has all of the solutions.
And he has a time frame that's greater than mine.
And he has a plan that's greater than mine.
And he offers me rest and peace that I can't find on my own.