Well, I haven't written in a long time..but today is my catch up day/get things done day so it only makes sense that I'm already procrastinating. Ha. Anyways, some quick updates:

1. Our friends found this adorable kitten abandoned in their yard. It only made sense that the Tates needed to take her home...to foster her....but...we might be attached. Her name is Dory. Just keep swimming.

2. Morgan Hamilton Hamiltate (Momo) is living with us for the summer and it is SO GOOD to have her around. She's so jolly and wonderful. Also, we've officially started (again for me) on our Insanity regimen..day 3...and just as sore as the first go round.

3. Momo and I have been helping on the set of the film our pastor/super talented director wrote...it's been a super fun experience to serve them and learn all kinds of new things. We just run around and stuff. And I've been helping document with photos which is kind of what I love.

4. Chris got a follow up call from the nursing school he applied to (PRAISE!) So we're just crossing our fingers and waiting to see what happens. He's kind of fantastic so I don't see why anybody wouldn't accept him anywhere. Serious.

5. I've been super happy with the amount of photo sessions I've been booking, things have been slow and steady but always increasing! I'm still trying to get a job where I interned, and my application status is still "forwarded to hiring manager," so I think that's a good thing.

6. We're headed to Charleston this weekend to celebrate our cute little niece's FIRST birthday. SO exciting. We're also doing a cake smash photoshoot with her which makes me super happy because I'm kind of obsessed with those, and then on Sunday we'll get to eat dinner with my parents for Father's day. I have the best dad in the world. 

7. I have to do things like clean and upload photos and stuff today (not my favorite part) so I'm trying to think of other things to list here so I don't have to go start. Lame. K. Going.