Things I'm going to accomplish this week:

-Love really well.
-Catch up on uploading
-Laundry (total weakness)
-Cook an awesome dinner that I haven't made in a long time
-Not worry about anything because God provides.
-Try to help my bro-in-law with his car search (if anyone knows of
a cheap car that is also reliable...hit me up.)

I was so encouraged last night by my hubby. I've had a lot of worry and stress lately regarding Chris getting into nursing school and me getting a job and various other things. I'm not sure why, because Chris and I got married and I still had a year left of school and he didn't have a job. For 5 stinkin' months. And by stinkin' I mean awesome because I didn't ever worry about him not having a job. Some how we always had money for rent and food and even regular date nights. We had WAY more than we needed....literally..with no stable jobs (just odd jobs.) Isn't that crazy!? That's almost half a year!

Now, I'm worried for who knows what reason that we won't be able to afford nursing school and that we're going to have so many more loans, etc, etc.

Anyways, back to last night. Chris got off the phone with someone about reference letters for nursing school and he was super pumped that everything seems to be heading in the direction that he thought God was calling him to in the first place. I sat there worried about paying for nursing school.

Chris grabs my cheeks and says, "Why are you worried. Aren't you so thankful for everything we've been given? And me? And marriage? And our apartment? And our kittens? And food? And Morgan? And our community? And (mostly) working cars? And these peanuts (lifts a jar of peanuts from his desk)?, and on and on and on he went.

Man, y'all. I talk about how much I stinkin' love marriage but I can't stress it enough. LOVE hearing God speak through my spouse.

So there you have it. Worry is not welcome here. Boom.