And we all float on..

I wish I could say that I've been more trusting lately. I can't really. But I did have a funny trust-related moment I might as well share. I love that in our community up here we always talk about how our friends and  family have planted seeds in us and that we are constantly planting seeds in other people that God will make grow in his own time.

My dear friend Kim is a huge joy in my life, always, but especially this summer because she has summers off from teaching. But, wasn't something she said recently that struck's a story she told LAST fall that really resonated with me today. She told this long story last fall about how when she started her first job it was really difficult (she's a special ed teacher...sooo crazy and awesome and challenging.) Anyways, she cried out to God multiple times for guidance and strength and all kinds of fun stuff like that. And in the midst of seeking peace she recalled a time where she was out walking in the woods, pondering about all of this and praying, and then she just realized, "Well..............(drum roll) goes on." And it wasn't in a pitiful way she said it, it was just very matter-of-fact.

And I remember hearing that story and thinking..hmm, that's not what I expected. For some reason I expected her to tell me some great revelation God brought to her in the midst of the woods. Something she could run home and tell her sweet husband and be pumped about starting a new day. But she simply realized that God is still there, he's not going anywhere, and if this truly is where he wants her to be....then life is just going to go on and it's all going to be okay. God's already given me everything I need. He's given me his spirit. And life goes on, and we go on, but we go on with him...or, rather, he's already gone before us..and also with us.

Kim's story hit me today after my 72,843th job search. All you can do really is wait. So I sat there...and then had the same realization as Kim's. Life is going to go on. Does this count as a tiny improvement in my trust? Does it!?!? Haha...I'm kidding, I'm not looking for words of affirmation. That's not my love language anyway. Hugs, however, will be accepted.

Unfortunately for me this realization hit me in my living room, not in a cool atmosphere like the woods. But whatever, beggars can't be choosers. There are way too many things to be thankful for to worry about this stuff anyway. So, boom shaka stinkin' laka-life goes on.

That quote doesn't come from my head, although it sounds like it coulda. Chris and I don't have cable so sometimes we get sucked into funny youtube videos (mostly family vlogs) like Arturo Trejo and Amigos. Hilarious. This is a completely unrelated sidenote. You're welcome.