Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him. -1 Corinthinians 7:17

These last couple months have been crazy for us. Chris got into nursing school at Anderson which is awesomesauce, and I have been furiously job-searching to find something I can do (along with photography) while Chris is in school. Well, and after..I want to be working until it's family time. :)

Chris had originally expressed interest in applying to the nursing school in Charleston (where I grew up) and I was pretty pumped about it. However, that school wouldn't have started until January, whereas if he got into Anderson he'd be able to start THIS August. If he didn't get into Anderson, then he'd still have enough time to apply to MUSC and get down there before January. 

Well, he got into Anderson (not surprised at all) which means he won't be applying to MUSC, and he'll be done in just fifteen little months. This is good for so many reasons, and I'd much rather see him start sooner and finish sooner than have to wait until January to start a different school.

I'm talking about all of this because although I know this is where we are supposed to be, we both thought we'd be living somewhere else (aka somewhere near a beach) by now (and I also thought I'd have a job by now.) God has been providing me with a good bit of photography work, which is awesome because I only really "advertise" on facebook..and it has been so fun. But I also want to utilize my degree. So basically, I've been learning about trust and faith and contentment. 

Anyways, we just returned to Clemson yesterday from Charleston where we stayed with some dear friends that moved back there last winter. Since I grew up there, it's sooo very nostalgic every time I go back. Chris isn't from there, but he's always loved it..and we are totally beach people. (We love the mountains, too..but I'd rather live at the beach and visit the mountains.)

We visited my old home church, went to the part of the beach I grew up going to and surfing at (and I got to get back on the board which felt soooo good even though it was pretty rough out.....and I wasn't on my own board...and I am extremely rusty.) As soon I stood up on that board in the ocean I instantly remembered why all I ever wanted to do was to be there in the water. All of these things contributed to the fact that I found myself extremely anxious about our living situation up in Clemson and I seriously didn't want to leave. This isn't good. I want to desire to be where God wants us. Not to mention, it's not like we have this awful community up here, we have AMAZING friends, and amazing church, and we have so many fun adventures where we are.

So then I read 1st Corinthians. And meditated on that verse up at the top. I realized I've had such an envious heart lately. Of friends with houses, friends living where I want to live, friends having jobs that I don't have, the list goes on and on. But then I remembered that I should be rejoicing in each day he has given me. And I remember everything I've been so blessed with. And I know everything is going to be so good. 

I seriously have nothing. nothing. to complain about. nothing.
I seriously have so much to rejoice about. so. much.
I have everything to rejoice about.