Chris' last day of work!

Today is an exciting day. It's Chris' last day of his first real job. :)
I know he has met so many amazing people at Anmed and he'll be so sad not to see them on a daily basis anymore.
On Monday, he starts nursing school which is SO exciting and I'm excited to finally
get to talk about it since it's definitely happening (after quite the trial period for us.)
But first, a picture of my cute sleepy husband. When he woke up I made him take a picture
since it's his last day. Bahaha. 

So, a few of you know that Chris had been toying around with the idea
of becoming a doctor, and then maybe a physician assistant, and possibly a nurse.
For a while, nursing was kind of at the bottom of the list and not a lot of
thought was given to it back when. Once we started dating and got engaged, he was pretty positive
that he wanted to go the P.A. route, and he was looking into schools like MUSC
in Charleston for once I graduated. 

The more he looked into it, the more he felt like PA wasn't something he was supposed to be doing.
(Praise God that I have a prayerful man who seeks the Lord.)
He kept praying and weighing his options, and then he started to work at the hospital as a health specialist.
This was the PERFECT job because he worked solely with the employees of the hospital as their health coach. (Kind of a funny concept, huh?) Anyways,
this turned out to be a huge blessing because all day long he got to speak with
nurses, doctors, PA's, surgeons, and more and got a feel for
the pros and cons of their careers. They were all super open with him and encouraged
him to really go where his heart desired and where he was being led. 

The more he got to know some of the nurses (and the PA's) he really felt as though
nursing was where he was being called. This next part warms my heart:
He decided that being a P.A. wouldn't be beneficial to our marriage and to
our future family.
This is due to the hours and demands of the job. Wow. It's such a huge
blessing knowing that he desired to be home more with me and our future kids.
Next, he really really has a heart for working directly with patients. This is something
that doctors are doing less and less of. He began to find out that
doctors and P.A.'s have a very limited time frame when it comes to 
seeing the patients. (And that time frame is getting smaller as the years go on.)

Then he found out that as a P.A. you can't enter some programs like doctors without borders. Doing missions with his medical skills is something he really desires (I should say we..but I won't be using medical skills...because I don't have any. But I can hug really well.)

Lastly, he found out more and more about how flexible nursing is regarding scheduling. He could potentially work a few 12 hour shifts and then be home for 3 or 4 days when we have kids. Um. Whoah. Huge blessing. AND, we're also pumped about the opportunity to do travel nursing. Look it up if you're's quite the set up.

(Here are some more sleepy faced morning pictures. :)

 So, all that being said--I'm so proud of him and all that he has done to confirm that this
is where God was leading him. Whenever I tell him how proud I am of him, he says, "Don't be proud of proud of our God!"

What a beautiful man I am married to.
Be praying for him in his schooling, he'll be done 15 months from now,
next December. :)