Editing today

Sometimes, when I'm editing..I get really excited.

Most of the time when I'm doing anything photography related I am really excited. But the thing about today that made me excited is that I love when someone's heart and joy come across so well in pictures. You can totally see it in their eyes. I can go through all of my albums and see those who are genuinely happy and those who are not.

I can also see those who have joy. This girl. Rachel. Her story of becoming a believer is.so.cool. It's so radical and full of life.

I got to hear her story (a more full version) during our time together yesterday. It moved me. Because if you met this girl, it'd be hard to believe that she was ever anything but a smile-y, laugh-y, bundle of joy and goodness.

But she was. Her story reminds me of the transformation of my own heart. Moments like that are such sweet reminders of the stone piles....seriously, he totally redeems and restores.

Anyway. Meet Rachel. Ask her about her life. Hug her. And just look at how beautiful she is.