Last week of work for Chris and other things in my brain.

Good news for me. :)

Chris just got his nursing schedule and he knows he'll officially be done every day except for Wednesday at 3pm! Wednesdays will  be 530. (530 is STILL way greater than 8:00 and getting home at 8:30.)

This means a couple of things:
1.We'll be able to go back to eating at a normal time!
2. When he gets home..and I get home..we'll still be able to DO things like run around outside! (Technically, we could still do that now..but we can't eat till 9pm..done by what...930ish, and then we don't really feel like playing outside after that.)
3. We can finally have friends over for dinner during the work week! We always want to cook for friends but never could unless they wanted to eat at 9. And even if they did, all of the food planning would be on me since Chris didn't even get home till 830.

Ah. So good :) Now he just has to finish his last work week this week and he'll be off to school again.

It's really exciting seeing all these cars back in Clemson. However, I made the mistake of going to Walmart today. Dumb. It was a tad bit nostalgic seeing all the parents and remembering when my parents came up when I transferred here sophomore year. They look so young. I realize I'm not that much older than them. Crazy.

Lastly--I'm sooo excited for my brother to get back up to Clemson. With him being gone at camp all summer it feels like we haven't talked/hung out in AGES. I meesed him.