My. Life. Is. Crazy.

So anyways.

Get this madness.

I struggled for a few months (as noted 95% of my posts in the last good while) with the fact that absolutely ZERO job openings were available to me.

Then. In one week, I was offered 2 (low paying but still awesome) jobs.

Chris and I knew it was going to be tight financially if I took them, with him going to school and all, but hey--God hasn't stopped providing for us yet (and I have a funny feeling he won't ever stop, imagine that.)

Anyways, I took them, but told BOTH employers that I needed to be very open to the possibilities of other full time jobs that could crop up...and if they did I would need to take the one that is best for our situation right now.

Today. Got a call from the agency I REALLY wanted to be at. My former supervisor and another worker from the place I interned at both have been emailing me and keeping me updated about job postings which has been so kind and really made me feel good about my time as an intern, but still--nothing was happening.

So now I have another interview.

I usually don't write about this stuff in detail before I'm more sure about the circumstances, but today I just felt like I really needed to surrender to the uncertainty. Because it's not uncertainty to God.

It's funny-literally everything we've needed in the past few months has totally come at exactly right time (and by right, we mean the very latest and most crazy coincidental times.) Chris kept saying it's so that "we won't ever be able to say it was anything other than God orchestrating it." I said kudos to that but also told God that I 100% believe he's sovereign and that his hand is the only one in all of this so "can you please stop doing that to me?" I'm sure He laughed at me for that, because He just did it again. I mean really-Chris starts school on Monday. This application has been out for over a month. Over a month!

I feel like a child being taught a never-ending lesson on pure, genuine faithfulness. I'm okay with it.

All this being said, I have no clue what is in store. None at all.

So whoever you are reading this. Just pray for me, k? That the right doors would be opened and closed and that if presented with options, that I would make wise decisions as I am guided.


I was pondering all of this last night when I realize I left a crucial part of the story out.
I went back and checked, and the application I was talking about wasn't out for one was almost three months.

I got an email about that job that said, "You're getting this to inform you that we have chosen another applicant for this position." I got that email in June.

That was a done deal for me.

Last night, I talked with a former co-worker from my internship and she told me that there is a glitch in the system, they've all been getting those emails, even after they've already been hired for the position.