Small Update!

First, the important things:

Chris has officially started school and he LOVES it! There are 19 people in his class, so I imagine they'll be a fun little family as the semesters go on. I'd love to be able to learn in a small class setting like that. It's perfect for him. There are something like 6 guys and the rest are girls, I believe? I was impressed with how many guys are enrolled.

On the first day of orientation, the staff anointed their hands with oil. (It's a Christian University for those that didn't know.) This warmed my heart and got me so pumped for the idea of Chris being able to use this work to serve God. Woo! It's super fast paced, though..and he starts clinicals in just 8 weeks, I believe..crazy.

I'm still awaiting news about the job possibility. I received some pretty promising remarks after my interview, so I'm trying not to be anxious about should be a week or two before I find out. Pray!

Chris and I are LOVING this normal work schedule. We get to eat at a decent hour (like 6......still not used to it) AND we still have plenty of time afterwards.......or even BEFORE dinner to go play! :) We've been able to workout together again..going on runs and things when he gets home. And it's LIGHT outside for houuuurrrs! Y'all. This is not a joke. Such a blessing to us. Chris used to get out of work and it'd already be dark out. Last night, he got home, we hung out, went on a run, met with friends for dinner, and still had 2 hours of daylight left after we ate. Amazing...I think it's safe to say that we will always hope to have 1st shift jobs.

Not much else is new besides getting adjusted to this new (and better) schedule and hoping I get this job..we're super excited that all the students (and our siblings) are back in Clemson. It's so nice to be able to see family on a regular basis.

On a related's weird living in a college town after college because your brain still categorize time as semesters. It'll be weird when Chris is done and we're in a different town (potentially) and we have to start thinking about years as being January to December instead of August to May.

Oh! Just finished up working on some new photos that I really really love. I love getting to meet so many different people with photography. You can look at the latest albums here.