There is no one alive who is youer than you.

It's crazy to me to look back on a time when I was so unsure of myself. Seriously I was THE queen of beating myself up over everything. every.thing.

I battled hardcore with comparison which is so so so poisonous. So many people live their entire life trying to measure up to those around them, but if they only knew that they were created for such a specific purpose that can only be fulfilled based on the gifts and talents they were given.

If only I knew that when I was younger.

Starting to promote and even SHOW my photography was a huge step for me. Then, starting to get business was insane because I was still a little unsure of how my style was going to be accepted--my main concern was wanting to be true to myself and nobody else. But that's been going great and I still can't believe it sometimes.

All this being said, there was still a little tiny folder on my computer that I worked on just for fun. I've been designing my friend's save the dates, and she's always been one of those friends that is too encouraging for words. She seriously has ALWAYS made me feel so good about my art, even when I was just starting out and really unsure about it.

Anyways, I told her I'd design her some options for save the dates. Then I kept adding and adding to the folder. I talked with Chris multiple times about putting them on etsy for sale. He told me multiple times I should. Then I just didn't.

I thought of the quote by Dr. Seuss today (don't as me why) that says, "Today you are you, that is truer than true..there is no one alive who is youer than you." And I was like, "Hey Dr.'re so right." Kidding. I didn't say that--but I had given into the freedom of being myself a long time ago and still held this part of me back. Why do I care if someone doesn't like my style of art? There are plenty of other people that do. No artist can appeal to every human being.

For that reason, I stopped even LOOKING at other peoples work-whether it was photography or graphics..I just stopped. I focused completely on my own work and I'm so glad--because the result is that my work is a very accurate expression.....of me. I uploaded them to etsy and said, I don't care at all if nothing sells. I like my work. And I really meant it. (Mandy was the first one I emailed with the link to my shop when I finally opened it..and all I said inspired me to do this. See how much encouraging words can spring a person forward to pursue something they've always wanted to do?) I digress.

So. now. there is a link on the right to my shop...but don't just go look at it, unless you wanna.--Go think about what you've always wanted to do. You've been created with certain passions and desires for a reason. Explore them.