1. Chris will be starting nursing school in exactly 2 weeks, and then he'll officially be done with school next December. (He's gonna be one fine male nurse if ya ask me. Those ladies he cares for are gonna be some lucky ducks.) ;) ;)

2. I got 2 jobs and will be starting those soon! One is doing ABA therapy (part time) with autistic children and the other is facilitating discussions in the school system with middle school girls, talking about stuff like building healthy relationships and self worth, confidence, education about abuse, etc. (All of which I have personal experience with..SO glad God is using my story (once again) to serve the needs of others.)

3. We are slowly getting rid of stuff so it will be really easy for us to move around where we need to (we're trying to stay out of signing a lease while Chris is in nursing school so that we can focus on loans.) The first thing to go was our TV. YES. So happy about it. We didn't have cable anyway so it just kind of sat there. We put our book shelf in its place, which also gave me a little shelf/mantle in the living room. (More on that later...I have a funny obsession with mantles...running joke in our house.) On a side note, we probably WILL have a TV again in the future so we can do movie nights and stuff with kids. But we're pretty positive we'll never have cable.

4. We're not sure how much longer after nursing school we'll be in Clemson. Our personal/selfish desire is to be back in Charleston. (Back for me..not really back for Chris but he still feels at home there anyway.) God could bless that desire...but we're open to wherever he wants us. We'll also probably do travel nursing eventually...all over the US or even internationally. Depends. We'll see. I'd be lying if I said our hearts weren't set on the beach. (We realllly think we'll be doing missions, but we'd like the place we return to to be Charleston. Pretty specific with our goals. Bahaha.) We'll see what happens.

5. I'm reaaaaallllyyyy pumped about Chris finishing up at the job he's been at now. Lemme tell ya why. He's gotten home the past year at 830 every evening. We eat dinner at like....9..930 every night. Then we chill and do whatever and then it's basically bedtime. DUMB. He'll be home at a reasonable hour now..we can get back to cooking together without having to eat so late. AND, it'll still be light out when he gets back so we can actually go play outside and stuff. Not that you can't play in the dark but you get what I mean..it's less fun to kick around a soccer ball when you can't see it. But actually, besides the weird hours..it has been a good job for him.

6. Um. That is all?

I think.
Here's a picture of our lazy hammock Sunday at the Botanical Gardens: