Wife of the year award.

Straight up, people. Hand it over.


I love my hubs just as much as the next gal. I mean just as much as the next gal loves HER hubs. Not mine. Back off, ladies. I don't even know how much other girls like their husbands. Hopefully a lot because marriage is way too fun, but ya never know. I'll give ya the benefit of the doubt.

Anyways, I for realsies have been up since 6:30 (more like 6:45..I require mandatory snuggle time in the AM..well...and PM..but AM for this posts sake. Pax is included in said snuggle time and I can't consider this being awake-time because I'm mostly just out of it) all because I told Chris I'd wake up early and go to campus with him.

(I realize 6:30 might even be LATE for some of you people. But let me tell you something. Chris used to work 2nd shift, so we made our sleep schedules match by going to sleep later (we had to...didn't even eat dinner till like 9pm) and then getting up a little later because Chris didn't go in usually till 1pm. That being said........now he's totally flip flopped in a matter of a week=hardcore change for the body. So maybe you think I should ALWAYS be getting up at 6:30, and to that I say--I'm workin' on it.)

End result=I'm bored in a foreign library. But not really because let's be real: I start working at a real job on Tuesday and then I'll have to wait until like 5 or 6 to see that kid's face. Also, seeing all of these hardworking students makes me miss college. Total lie--if you believed it you must not have read my last post.

Anyways, seeing Chris at 5 or 6 every day is actually normal (me working or not), and way better than seeing him at 8:30 pm like his other job...so no complaints here.

Basically I wanted to spend an extra hour with him today, and when I suggested it he got like SUPA happy so I took that as a "yes I should wake up when it's still kinda dark outside to take a car ride with you."
The first 30 minutes in the car mostly consisted of me holding onto my mug as if coffee was about to disappear from existence and Chris forcing me to feed him the eggs he brought in the car since I chose to enforce snuggle time>breakfast time.

However, I am much more alert for the second 30 minutes, plus it's just fun being in a different place for the morning.

As a side note: I've gotten a lot of photo work done.
That's a complete lie.

What I've really done is stalked peoples' pictures and looked at random blogs. (Mostly of which were like...new-mom blogs.) No, I'm not pregos, but sometimes I just obsess about what it's gonna be like to have little tatertots running around (and by running around I mean running into walls as I did when I was a young one.) I don't even mean to find these blogs--it just ends up happening.

I've also been daydreaming about when we have enough credit card rewards points to take some extravagant vacay. (We recently had to get a credit card so that we can prove to the man that we pay for things the right way for the future=lamesauce=doesn't even make sense. Why can't paying cash for everything be rewarded?) I've decided we could potentially at LEAST get free flights or something in 3 to 5 years. Maybe not. Wishful thinking. (We don't buy enough high-dolla-dolla things to merit getting reward points.) I really want to go to Hawaii. Or Costa Rica. (We really just want to live in these places but I'll settle for one week or two until we can make that happen.)

Also, because I woke up early I got to talk to my Yaya (my grandmother..from Spain for those that are not well versed in foreign language family slang) and she told me in her awesomesauce spanish accent, "how proud they are of me for getting my job and see what happens when you are uh-good-little-girl." So funny and awesome. If you know what my grandma sounds like this should be really funny. If you don't--stinks for you because my Gma rocks. She and my Gdaddy are camping (in their camper) for a few weeks in Asheville...their life = probs more exciting than yours. Kidding. They are so fun and adventurous though.

Speaking of Gmas...we'll be headed to the in-laws hizzy this weekend to celebrate grandma Tate's birthday. Pray for her if you think about it, Grandpa Tate recently passed away so this is going to be a different-feeling birthday for her.

Anyways, Chris should be getting out of class soon to come and give me infinite hugs for getting up early to sit in a library and wait for him to get out so we can go play today.

Also, I was looking through our honeymoon photos the other day for no reason and I remembered this gem:

Look how young we look.
Joking--we look the exact same..it was just a little over a year ago.

Anyways, I was just struck by how adorable and photogenic and ready for the photo we were...not. It's like we said, "On the count of three let's awkwardly close our eyes." (P.S. Yes, this was taken DURING the splash mountain ride. So risky and adventurous.)

That is all....unless you wanna creep on the rest of our honeymoonin' photos in which case I support your creeptastic needs: DISNEY.

Have a great weekend. :)