14 months to go!

In honor of my sweet hubby's total domination of his first month of nursing school, I thought I'd post this little guy that I found at his house. For one, I like to look at pictures of baby Chris to see if I can imagine what our kids are going to look like (I know, right. Lame.) BUT also, I just like looking at pictures and found this one to be extra foreshadow-y. That's a little toy stethoscope in case ya can't tell. Super hilarious and adorable.

This next picture is for our friends who, since knowing Chris, have caught wind of his floaty tube obsession. (For those that don't know this about Chris....nope, this isn't a joke.) You guys will be so happy to know that I almost died laughing when I found this one. We all can now safely assume that this obsession began at an early age. There probably isn't hope at this point.  

And lastly, a little bonus, as if it wasn't creepy enough that I'm posting baby pictures of my husband online. Fireman Chris. In case nursing school didn't work out.