G'chats for the win.

Chris and I were google chat ADDICTS when we were dating.

Let's face it, we still are. I'm not going to try and deny the truth.

Anyways, we were LD for a semester (long distance) so we were ALWAYS up on the g-chat so that we could study and talk at the same time.

Sometimes I get curious about the kinds of conversations we used to have when we were dating, so I'll go and read my old g-chats with him and usually I laugh my face off because it's hard to picture us when we were  dating because we just wanted to be married so bad and we were also just weird and half distracted trying to study and maintain a relationship over the internet. I just made it sound like we met and dated solely online. Not true--but you should be glad we DID talk online sometimes so that I can present this kind of entertainment for you.

Anyways, it is kinda cool to see how far we've come..but to also see how we're really just the same silly kids with the same strange minds who now live up under the same roof in order to multiply the strangeness...eventually in the form of children. I've decided to include these chats on occasion for funsies. Here's a good gem for now:

6-23-10 3:08pm
me: :) whatcha doin
chris: taking a break from the rediculously hot sun
 its like 1000 degrees outside
me: I KNOW. its like a volcano erupted in the sky
chris: and the lava just replaced the air
me: exactly.