Whaddup, fall time!

Welp. Christopherman and I got back a while ago from the weekend celebration at the Tate Casa for Grandma Tate's 80th (!!) birthday.

It's SUPA awesome when all of the Taters are there..like..all of us. This fam is gonna be way crazy when we are all married and all start havin' babies. (Same with the Calamas side too...our family is equally as large and as pumped about havin' babies.)

Anyways, we got to hang out with this little nugget all weekend:

and then we got to go to Skytop once again which really makes me pumped for fall. I basically chugged an apple slush like it was going out of style.

Kidding, but those things are ridiculously yummy.
I just love how fall feels so warm and fuzzy and sleeping with all the windows
open and hammocking beneath colorful trees. Yes!

The one thing we didn't do: picture of all of us together. What the heck, man. And MULTIPLE (Yes, Caroline..you too) photographers in the fam. Fail.

Basically, I'm writing this pointless post because it may be a stinkin' while before I can write anything worthwhile to read since I start work on Tuesday..

Sike--I'll still write, I don't know what I'm talking about. Work ain't gonna run mah LYFE, son.
K, well, enjoy this photo of me and my attractive man-fuh-lyfe (husband) taken by my sista:

That. Is really all.