Yummy foods.

Sometimes...after Chris has made a meal (or we've made it together), I start getting super nerdy urges to take pictures of the meal. Mostly because I hope one day we can put together a cute little cookbook, but then sometimes the pictures just sit in a folder on my computer and I never look at them again. Today I did and realized that I guess we've been eating a lot of Mexican food lately (Chris' fave) because all the pictures I took from the past month are of Mexican food. Mexican is one of those words that starts to look funny the more you type it. So serious.

Anyways, Chris was/has been determined to figure out how our favorite Mexican restaurant marinades their chicken. My personal opinion is that his marinade was ballin' and didn't need improving. It was different than the restaurant one though, so he won't cease until nailed it. Anyways, here they are. Then I realized the picture after was the next food picture I had.....and it is also Mexican.

Tacos aren't that extravagant, I know. But they are easy and so good.

Note the "Trader Jose" dark Mexican beer...sooo delicious. One of our favorite beers is Dos Equis--and we weren't disappointed at all with this beer. Yummy. 

That's all the food pictures I've got.

Wait. Just kidding. There's one more. You know it's time for fall when pumpkin smoothies make their appearance. :)

Happy cooking :)