Heyyyy Fall Time!!

Just a quick update and some ramblings. I've failed to post lately mainly because I haven't wanted to get on my computer when I get home from work. Not because I have to be on my computer at work, but because facebook and other such sites depress me lately...I've concluded that the only reason I use facebook is for uploading pictures and writing raps on my friends walls mostly. Other than that I basically post my blog link for my weird friends who tell me they like it and then I log off.

Movin' on down...I doubt I'll be posting as much the next few months because I'll be driving back and forth every other week to Columbia and missing my husband like whoah. In the year and 5 months we've been married, we've yet to sleep a night apart...so this is huge. Don't laugh at us. We'll be skyping a lot. Actually, maybe this means I'll be posting more since I won't be able to come home and hang out with him. I'm super grateful that I'll be able to stay with my family as opposed to a hotel, though. Total blessing. :) Plus, my best friend lives in Columbia and we haven't gotten to see each other enough since we went to separate colleges. Bonus.

In other news, Chris is beasting nursing school, we're stoked that New Girl is back, we're still pumped that we don't have a TV, we'll be moving out of our apartment in a month and a half, I love my job, we've been leaving our windows open allllll day due to this awesome chilly weather, andddd we're pregnant.

Just kidding about that last thing.

Remember that time we were going to video blog? That never happened. I'm always reminded of this when I catch Chris singing weird things and dancing by himself. Other than that, our lives are pretty fantastic and we're trying really hard to not be dumb about the winter season coming...it's so neat that we have changing seasons! That way we can really appreciate when the spring comes. :) I'm thinking about doing a winter photography project to better appreciate the season. We'll see.