Welp. My hot male nurse of a husband is writing some kind of paper about potassium. So I'll mumble out some thoughts through the fog that is my brain.

I'm home from our first training week in Columbia. Here are some pros and cons to going to training in Columbia every other week:

1. It's pretty fun and reminds me of college a bit...people complain a lot but what's new, right? It's actually better than most college classes because it's about stuff I actually like and want to do with my life. Take that, dumb GenED classes.
2. I get to meet a lot of people who also work at DSS in other counties...same heart...same mind. Sike--the crowd is pretty diverse. But regardless, it's cool meeting so many new people who all have the same job you do.
3. I get to hang out with my familia, including my little brother that my parents decided to have SUPER late because they were depressed that their house was about to be filled with teenagers. Thanks for that, guys..Mikey is pretty sweet. The fact that he's so much younger than us means that he can't necessarily drive to see us for another few we only get to seem him when the family gets together.
4. My parents are great and it gives me more opportunities to try and convince them to adopt. Kidding, Mom. You're going to be a great adoptivegrandmother.
5. I get to do fun things like trick Chris into thinking I'm coming home a day later and then surprise him. Not really, this only happened because I drove back here tonight and have to go back again tomorrow..but not for the same's for a different one that we can carpool to.

1. This dang lady who tells me that I'm "just a newlywed" when I talk about how much my husband rocks. I said...well then, my parents must be newlyweds too, huh. Hearing about how much people don't like their spouses totally rips my heart into pieces.Truth. Like--I can totally empathize with people in broken marriages/relationships. I can't imagine what it's like but I get that there are so many factors involved. My problem with this lady is that she didn't even have a reason except for that she just loves being away from him and that "at least he's better than husband number one."
Luckily I don't even know this lady and she was just listening to a conversation I was having with someone else. She also mumbled throughout training things like, "You've got to be kidding me, Good LORD, That's ridiculous" and "G_d D**n." So basically...I tried not to let her negativity cross the threshold of my personal bubble. Take that.
2. Being away from Chris, duh.
3. That's kind of it.

I'm going to sleep. I have no idea how I just typed that and Chris is done with his potassiumpaper. Holllllla.