so get your knees flexin' and your arms t-rexin

We still have the creeper song stuck in our heads from SNL. Look it up if you haven't seen's hilarious.

It's the 2 day countdown until Chris and I have to sleep apart for the first time ever. I'm making a huge deal about this and you can just suck it up because it IS A BIG DEAL.

I'm just kidding.

But for the record...we've kissed each other goodnight every stinkin' night before bed since the day we got we're going to have to like air-five over skype instead. Whateva.

We had a super awesome celebratory "I'm going to miss you" Friday night event by eating chinese, rearranging our bedroom furniture, and then spiraling down into a vortex of unnecessary photo editing and iPad article reading until we got too tired to stay up any longer. What is happening to us. It's like we're getting older or something. We're totally making up for our lamesauce Friday by going to TWO fall festivals today. Boom shaka laka.

I'm so thankful I have a hot husband who isn't afraid to go to my photoshoots with me to practice. Even though I tell him over and over he doesn't need "practice" because he's a natural. Evidence:

and also:

see. natural. it's amazing. we're going to be an unstoppable duo.
 You can check out the semi-done album HERE. 

 Anyways, if I keep blogging this day will never get more adventurous. We're going to go bike across the country or something before the festivals. Peace out home scouts.