Chris and I have been going to bed between 7:30 and 8:30 almost every night since this dang time change. There.
I said it.
That's right. 7:30, people.

You only live once. Kidding, I don't think that trendy phrase fits this scenario but I think we're pretty cool so whatever.

On the bright side--it's 8:08 as I type this..that's PM, and we're still awake. In fact, we're at Subway. Why? Because our internet is down and Subway has free wifi. Who know, right? So even if we left RIGHT NOW we still wouldn't even be asleep till like 9. So wild! Late nights, holla! Back to the point: Subway>Clemson Library. Literally never studied once in that library. That's an exaggeration. I did study there more than once..but I was mad every time.The lights are basically the worst thing ever and it's always packed.

Subway, not packed. Plus....we're sitting right next to the refillable drink machine (a.k.a. water 'cause that's all we get).

Clearly I have nothing to do because I'm raving about Subway. We don't even ever eat at Subway. Chris is doing his school work (in his plaid pajamas, hot) and I'm....drinking water.

Speaking of Chris. That man totally amazes me each day and I can surely say that despite knowing how good of a man I was marrying back on May 15th of 2011....he continues to blow me away. It's crazy looking back on how much we loved each other the day we got married and to think that it's even sweeter and deeper and better now. I can't imagine what this is going to feel like in 10, 20, 50 years. Marriage truly is an indescribable blessing. If God has allowed us to think about and experience marriage this way in our flawed, earthly bodies with all of our imperfections..just imagine how the perfect Creator views his bride, the church. Mind. Blown.

I have tomorrow off (what whaaat!!) so basically I'm going to be catching up on a ton of photography stuff and thinking about all the veterans for veterans day which is actually today but also tomorrow for work purposes? Not sure. But regardless--I truly am thankful for all of these wonderful people. Especially now that I am a wife and could not IMAGINE my husband leaving for long periods of time to serve our country. We would be a total wreck. It takes such strong individuals and families to serve in that way.

Tomorrow marks the one week countdown 'till a very special day we're going to have. More on that goodness later.

Any other exciting things?
We love life and love and marriage and our little family and the one who provided it all. Happy best day of the week! :)