Food for thought

Despite all the clever, witty, sarcastic, and plain mean politically-related's important to remember that YOU, my friends, have the choice each day to draw people of all kinds closer towards you in love...or farther away from you in bitterness. Kindness is contagious..and I think we can ALL agree that if anything-we'd like to live in a society that is kind.

Maybe I'm not the most politically minded girl in the world, and maybe I daydream every so often about living in a society where it's acceptable to hug strangers on a daily basis--but my favorite quote from mine and my husband's household is this: kindness is NOT optional. Despite our circumstances, despite how we feel, despite our opposing opinions--kindness is never optional. (aaaannnd repeat with the rest of the lovely fruits of the Spirit.)

This is especially true for all of us who claim to be believers. Are we going to mess up? Yes. Are we going to have opinions about things? Yes, and we should. But at the end of the day--we must be thinking of what we have done to positively impact those around us. This absolutely includes social media sites where we air out quotes and phrases and opinions that we would never have the guts to say out loud. You are exposed to all of this. You are impacted by all of this whether you think you are or not.

I'm not waving my ignorance-is-bliss flag around (although most days I can barely stand the thought of checking facebook.) And I definitely believe that being informed is so so important. I believe that we are BLESSED to live in a society where we, especially women, have the ability to vote. And of course--I believe that God's sovereignty is not dependent on who the President is. And your facebook status is SURELY not going to change who the President is. So just take a deep breath..and join me in daydreaming about my theoretical hug-aholic society.

Jesus. Is. King. And. He. Is. Victorious.