That one time we were going to have a baby. Like now.

Look! It's us the day after we started dating. Fast foward a few years and here we are. Married, out of school, working (and doing more school), and having a baby.

Nobody has been believing us when we tell them we are...that story about the wolf and the boy is totally true. Clearly we didn't learn our childhood lessons. I promise this time, people. :)

Goodness, sorry for all the trickery. if we could go back in time..we'd totally never joke about being pregnant. Kidding. We totally would. Anyways, we've tried to tell as many people as we could in person before posting anything--which is a super overwhelming and awesome we think it's safe to post it now.

This is why I haven't been posting much lately..I kept almost letting it slip on here so I decided to steer clear of emotional blog writing. Bahaha.

Today was our first appointment and we got to hear the tiny little heart beat. Who knew our hearts could grow so much more from such a simple little sound. I already can't wait to meet this little munchkin that's going to be making it's home in my body for the next 8ish months. What an awesome awesome experience.

To answer all of the questions we've been getting: No-it wasn't planned (by us), YES-we are SO excited, Yes-we will be finding out the sex later on, No-we will not be announcing the name once we've chosen (most likely), anddd the due date is July 1st. A little firecracker. Perfect. He/She will fit right in. ;) Woooooo Tatertot number 1!!!!

As far as how I feel: I could laugh, cry, eat, sleep, and pee at the same time. BUT, I am feeling much much better than I was feeling the past 3 or so weeks. 

How crazy is it that my body is currently holding TWO hearts inside of it. God is so creative and wonderful.

The Tate Three. :)