Turkey for you and Turkey for me

If you've never heard Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song from way back when or you haven't heard it since last Thanksgiving..it's a must. Do it. It's right here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PFERpWahZE

In other news, I feel like a superhero right now because I totally did Insanity last night for the first time since getting preggos. This is basically a miracle considering I can't make the bed without feeling like I've run a marathon or something. People say this has something to do with placenta formation and I'm like, well of course I'm tired, I'm growing a human in here.

Apparently the formation is almost over which explains why I did Insanity without passing out after the warm-up. Score. I did sweat profusely and I can barely walk today but whateva. Are people weirded out by the word placenta? Probs.

I'm super excited for Thanksgiving and am feeling so blessed that both of our families live relatively close together so we don't have to choose one over the other each holiday. We'll be seeing my fam and Chris' fam for Thanksgiving AND Christmas like we did last year and the year before (and the year before we were married). One of my favorite things about having two families now is getting to experience all the different traditions...like experiencing Grandma Tate's rum-ified eggnog. Oh wait, I can't have that this year. Literally--it's all the rage.

Now all I can think about is eggnog. Jeez. Pregnancy. Can I even have eggnog at all? Raw egg or something? So many rules.

Eggnog reminds me of Christmas and Christmas reminds me of how we've definitely been listening to Christmas music since last week. Cue all of the arguments about whether this is acceptable or not. In our minds--we're totally not "skipping over" Thanksgiving or whatever else people say. In fact..we're thankful that we have Christmas music to listen to and we're thankful that we have the freedom to celebrate TWO holidays at the same time. Whaaaat!?

Um it's TOTALLY worth mentioning that our dear friends Emily and Parm are ENGAGED. Parm is one of my favorite photographerbuddies and Emily is literally the sweetest person EVER. I'm using caps alot because LITERALLYICOULDPEEMYPANTSWITHEXCITEMENTANDPROBABLYPREGNANCY. Their relationship is such a wonderful example of the goodness that comes out of each of them seeking the Lord first. Plus..it's pretty stinkin' obvious that He handpicked them to be together for the rest of their lives. So dreamy. You guys rock.

I am rambling at this point. Me and this baby are going to realllllly enjoy Thanksgiving food this year. No joke. Did you know you really only need about 200-300 extra calories when pregnant? Not a lot of people know that so I can pretend that I need like 1500 more than normal and nobody will judge me. Kidding.

Okay. Happpppppy holidays, people.