2012: A Wrap-Up

1. This time last year we were preparing to bring in the new year all the way from Managua, Nicaragua. I technically celebrated the New Year-US time because I was so sleepy--but we enjoyed treats and tons of sketchy home-made fireworks. The trip was amazing and our first mission trip as a husband and wife. We're totally praying right this second for the group there right now! Who will probably be in this very room shown below tonight for new years treats and shenanigans:

2. Christopher and I celebrated our FIRST wedding anniversary which rocked. Plus--I had just graduated college so it was extra sweet. We slept in and ate yummy pancakes and had a blast. Marriage has been nothing but sweet to us.

3. Chris was accepted into nursing school to get degree numba TWO.
4. Just in time--I got the job I wanted at DSS and had applied allllll summer long to get it. Chris was able to get ready for his fast-paced school program while I went to work so he could focus on studying. Quite the switch up!
5. We got a crazy cat named Pax who likes to be a weirdo and keep us company. It's true-we love him:

6. I booked way more shoots/weddings than I thought I would in such a short amount of time and tried to squeeze in as much as possible before starting to work full time. I'm still booking but trying to limit it so we can really rest on the weekends.
7. We found out that we are pregnant with our first! This baby will be entering the world around July 1st. :)

8. Chris got to leave his first job as a health specialist at the hospital in Anderson in order to go back to school--I know he really loved the experience and it was a huge blessing for him to get to work with all of the hospital employees so that he could hone in on which career path he wanted to take (when he started that job he was still headed towards P.A. and he realized through working that nursing was a better fit for him).
9. We saw our families a LOT.
10. We went on a lot of little adventures including a fun little getaway to Georgia for a weekend.
11. We found out that Chris' oldest brother and his wife (my bro and sis in law) are also expecting and our due dates are like......2 days apart. TWO DAYS! How crazy is that. What better of a competition could you have between in-laws than racing to go into labor first. Completely joking. We've decided our children are some freaky version of twins.

We're pumped for 2013 and all that is in store: baby, nursing school graduation, and more. Happy New Year!