{Heart Beats and Baby Names}

Mmmmm, heard baby's heart beat for the second time this week and cried yet again. Will this happen every time!? I sure hope so. It's so magical. I could listen to it for hours. The world totally stops when I hear those little thumps. I can only imagine what it's going to be like to actually SEE this baby. Gracious. And it was super exciting to have the doctor feel my belly and telling me that it feels like everything is growing well. :)

AND--we've officially got a boy's name and a girl's name picked out...I don't think they'll be changing because they feel so right. Can't wait to find out the gender. Growing up, I always thought of cute names I liked and wanted to name my future kids...it wasn't until very recently that the power of naming our children really hit me. We literally crossed out multiple names we love after looking up the meanings and finding things that were either neutral or not so great. I keep being reminded of the significance of the naming and renaming of people in scriptures--it's so powerful!

Andddd, we're still planning on waiting until the birthday to announce it. :)

Happy almost Christmas!