Brief update and a small disclaimer.

The holidays were awesome and I did manage to take some photos, which is where my disclaimer comes in--I totally had my iso set on 6400 the ENTIRE break because the last time I used my camera I was shooting in the dark. I didn't notice when I was shooting because there was so much going on and I was sleepy (christmas morning) so I just would snap a few and put my camera away without even looking. Stupid.

Therefore--all the photos are grainy. BUM. I'm considering running them through a vintage filter so it will look like I did it on purpose. Bahaha.

Also--Les Mis was AMAZING. I saw it live and was hoping that the movie wouldn't ruin it for me..because I had been hearing that from people who have seen it live....but seriously it was awesome. The two aren't even comparable. Go see it.

That's all because I don't have time to type. Grainy pictures and holiday stories coming soon!