So this was my first Christmas away from my parent's home. I really didn't think it was going to be a big deal for me...not because I don't love my family but because things like this usually don't get me all sentimental feeling.  But I definitely woke up and thought a lot about my whole family being together without me--especially because I don't get to see my older brother and his wife very much because they are a bit further away.
I so look forward to the day when we have kids that understand Christmas and we can begin to create our own traditions in our home, but for now we've been splitting the holidays between our families. Before this turns depressing, let me say that we had a great Christmas at the Tate house. They are my family too--and our Christmas day traditions are VERY similar to those I grew up with...which is kind of awesome. Not to mention, it's kind of ridiculous that we have two loving families to spend the holidays with at all. So many have to be alone during this time of year.

The only NOT awesome thing about this day was my unfortunate camera mishap. So here we are, Christmas 2K12 at ISO 6400. Whatever, vintage-grainyness is totally hipster. But first, before Christmas day photos--a couple of my fam:

Me and the bros-minus Blake. This was an accidental picture and I really have no idea what we were doing. 

All the bros. No, they did not know this picture was being taken. So far we seem like a super weird family.

Here we are. Totally normal.


So one thing about the Tates--they do presents like WHOAH. Out of control.

Recognize the bottom right hand corner of the envelope? Caroline likes to act like she's not creative...

This picture makes me excited because next year there will be TWO more babies hanging around. :)

Happy new year. :)