I totally went to type a post about funny things that have been happening to me, and then I opened the page and now I can't remember any of them. Perfect time to talk about how I've been pleasantly reminiscing about the good old days of hormonal teenage weird body changes and stuff. No seriously. Wanna know what the first trimester of pregnancy is like? Your emotions are psycho, your body is doing weird things, you start feeling like a huge balloon whale, you want to eat everything and nothing at the same time, and you could vom at the smell of any of the following objects: peanut butter, cabbage, toothpaste, and cauliflower.

See. Just like puberty. Maybe only really like the first 2. or maybe 3. Except it is definitely similar regarding the fact that everybody keeps saying, "Don't worry, this is all normal." I didn't find much comfort in those words when I was 13...and don't really now, but I do appreciate hugs and my sweet friends who let me cry about absolutely nothing. Also, I'm like the queen of "don't-act-like-your-life-experiences-are-the-exact-same-as-mine" so I'm going to be the first to say that I have plenty of friends who have breezed through the first trimester and others who have had it way worse than me. To each his own. Except not really your own at all because your body is no longer just for you..there's another human in there sucking your energy away like a high-powered industrial vacuum.

But honestly--I'm pretty disappointed about the peanut butter thing 'cause its like the easiest snack/meal ever. PB&J's? Puke. My body is also in that awkward stage where Chris and I can tell I'm showing (although my chest is growing at three times the rate of my belly) but nobody else can tell because I can cover these things with clothes...and then I'm really uncomfortable because my clothes don't fit all that well. I dream all day about coming home and putting on sweatpants. It's okay though because when I look down and see my stomach protruding like a firmer version of a beer belly, Chris tells me my stomach is cute and then I tell him he's blinded by love.

All this to say--yes, its totally worth it. Psychosis and all. I'm already daydreaming about holding that little baby for the first time. It's also funny that we have to wait the same amount of time for the baby as we did to get married. I know it's going to fly and then we're going to be on honeymoon baby version where we get to fall in love all over again. Yes please.

We love you so much Baby Tate! Grow grow grow!!