Good things.

I was soaking in some 2 Corinthians today about God's blessings and really really found myself convicted of spending too much time forgetting about how abundantly God wants to bless us with good things. My work makes it hard sometimes to come home and rest in the goodness of the Lord and I'm so so guilty of dwelling on darkness rather than light. I have to remind myself a LOT that "goodness does exist in the world" and that we ARE the light and the salt of the earth. Mmm. I felt him totally pouring that truth over me and it was so needed. With so much up in the air in our household right now with a sweet baby on the way and crazy moving plans ahead (as in--moving to Anderson or Clemson and not being sure of where or when) we have been forgetting the abundant blessings that have already been poured out over our lives and marriage. We are totally reminded of how "human" we are when we (as in Chris and I) keep trying to seek control over our next humbling to know that this isn't up to us..none of it is....and thank goodness it isn't because our plans for ourselves just can't be as good as his are. :)

I should be thankful anyway for all the awesome things I experience each day..namely hearing Chris singing justin bieber and taylor swift in the kitchen on accident. Just kidding. I mean it does happen often but this is just one small awesome thing in a sea of other bigger awesome things that happen each day.

Update on the little baby: size of an avocado and apparently about to grow a LOT in the next few weeks! Haven't felt anything YET in terms of movement...but totally feel lots of stretching and all that crazy stuff. We've been reading the best birthing book ever that I've come across called Natural Childbirth: The Bradley Way. (I'm semi-positive that this is the exact name...) It rocks and I supadupa recommend it even if you just think you want to have kids some day but aren't even necessarily with child or married or something. (It's good for men too but they should probably wait until their married and going to have a baby so they don't opt out of marriage and baby-making..the photos are relatively graphic and awesome. I'm kidding. Men are more than welcome to read it too.) It's such a good resource. I keep getting blown away by the overarching percentage of women who have natural births and keep going back for subsequent births the natural way. It's so crazy to hear about the pain and the intense work and then to hear how magical it was and how they couldn't do it any other way. To me it's such a testimony of the way God has made our bodies..otherwise all these ladies would be running back to the hospitals for their next go round. If you don't believe me..type in "natural birth stories" into google and be amazed. Also: it's never too early to start designing my inspirational notes to myself for labor. I can't wait to frame them in colorful frames. Here are the 4 I've done so far:

Other than that, no baby photos today but I suppose in a couple weeks I'll post another since apparently it was a big hit and all our friends liked it or whatever. it's funny because like...non-pregnant people that are growing in the belly area don't take mirror pics in the bathroom in tank tops because that's not acceptable or something. I know it's not my fat supply that's growing and instead its a human so it's basically a cuter concept but it still makes me feel like I'm just taking consecutive pictures of me turning more and more into a whale. 

That is all.