This is a happy thing:

What wasn't a happy thing was that I had vertigo all day yesterday. (pregnancy induced? has anyone had this during pregnancy?) I've never had it before and it was extremely unpleasant. Crazy intense dizziness and subsequent nausea/vomiting....which technically began on Thursday which is why I probably felt (less) dizzy and nauseated all day at work. I confined myself to the bed most of the day because I tried to shower and almost fell over!! Soooo weird. I was super scared of falling on my stomach...but laying in bed apparently doesn't help that much either because when I tried to close my eyes it constantly felt like I had just spun around in circles like you do when you're little....except it didn't go away. Anyways--hoping that doesn't happen again. I'd rather be many other kinds of sick than feeling like the room is spinning all day. bleh!

In other happier news: I feel good today, we ate crepes for breakfast, and we have our baby gender appointment scheduled which totally rocks. (P.S. We're trying not to tell familia when the appointment is so that our creative gender reveal to them will be successful. ;))

Also. I have a secret obsession with choreographer, Sonya Tayeh. Not a joke. Chris can confirm. I don't know how many Sonya Tayeh dances I've made Chris watch via youtube. Plus she's quirky and tattooed and has crazy hair which is a bonus in my book. Anyways, I've been watching dances of hers in between chopping vegetables for dinner later. Totally random. You're welcome.

Other news in this rambly update: just finished a rockin' book called Reborn on the Fourth of July by Logan Mehl-Laituri. My favorite kind of Jesus-related books are always about social justice issues..and I absolutely have struggled with the interaction between the gospel and war between the nations. I *think* I'm mostly okay with the concept of "Just War," however, I'm mostly skeptical of if we've done a good job of applying that concept. (Cue in all of my brothers calling me a hippie.) Totally kidding. A long time ago I realized that God's given me a heart for social and racial justice and I'm okay with being kind of in love with pacifism...I never forced this love onto myself which brings me to think that it's just part of the way God made me. But--I'm not bringing politics into this. I'm mostly saying that I'm learning to be okay with having different opinions on war and justice than people who are close to me. All that to say--the book is about a veteran who served in the Iraq War as a pretty high-ranked, weapon firing soldier. (You're welcome for the accurate military lingo.) He met Jesus during his time as an enlistee and wrestled with the same concepts..and eventually applied for Conscientious Objector status.....and was later discharged. 
---EDIT---we just looked outside and it's SNOWING. Bahhhh!-----
Anyways--the author was very clear not to come across as anti-war, anti-military, or anti-christians-who-are-okay-with-war. He talked a lot about fellow soldiers who were believers and how they handled a lot of what they went through emotionally. And a lot of his experience stemmed from the training he received and his personal experiences in dealing (not so ethically) with the Iraqi people. Interesting stuff. Seriously. I finished the book in a day and a half.

I'd type more but I want to go watch the snow fall before it disappears.