So basically the world of the baby registry is SO different than the world of wedding registry. for one...registering  for your wedding is easy 'cause know how and stuff. Like, you know about cookware and your preferences related to it and gadgets and towels and all that are easy to pick out because you've showered a million times and know what kinds of towels you like best. Right?

Trying to create a baby registry before you've ever had a baby is like wandering through a maze at night time with a blind fold on trying to find your way around without getting yelled at about which way is the better way to turn. Not kidding. Luckily we have good friends and family who recommend items and brands to us--but ultimately it comes down to straight up personal preference. Anyways, we started the little nugget's registry FINALLY and we're open to suggestions about other things you feel like you literally love having around...but please no emails about why we think it's okay to use cloth diapers or why we picked crib sheets with multiple colors on them or why we want a co-sleeper or why we're even having a baby in the first place, k?

I'm also super joking. We had fun picking this stuff out. Preparing to have a baby for the first time ever is SUPER humbling..because...we have no idea how to be parents yet. No idea. But jeeeeeez this baby is loved so that's what counts, right?

A sweet friend texted me and said something like, "You'll get to teach her to be a woman after God's own heart!" And I basically cried instantly because it's so easy to get caught up in freaking out about the best way to parent...but we aren't going to miss the point. THAT is the point. To shower her with God's love and teach her what it means to be a part of/to expand the Kingdom. The Kingdom!!! So cool.

We LOVE you, little jellybean!