We're Alive!!

So this one time (yesterday) I was on call for the day since our office was closed. Then, I ended up being out (for work) until MIDNIGHT. And seeing as how I stayed in the office working until like 8ish on Friday, I feel like I haven't been resting enough. And I'm like the queen of going to sleep early so basically I am now a zombie. But all is well and I can't even explain how thankful I am to be sitting in bed with Chris as he studies and me zoning off into neverland and rambling about who knows what.

SO--in honor of my lack of a brain to write a meaningful post, I'll post this video of our ultrasound (which I haven't watched yet so if we say weird things just pretend we're normal. Or if we don't say weird things or much at all it's because we're mesmerized by the awesomeness of watching her grow.) And honestly...Chris says the best part is at the end when she starts kicking around..so just fast forward if you're bored. I can't even tell you where to fast forward too since I don't know. She was playing with the umbilical cord the whole time so she wasn't super active with her hand movements, but that's okay because we thought that was funny. Like she's bored in there or something. Silly girl. I keep wanting to type her name! Too bad.

Also--it looks like our original ultrasound (before we switched to the birthing center) must have been off, OR she's just a little baby--because we're measuring at about 17 weeks. She's healthy though..so either she's going to be coming more like around mid-July rather than early July.....orrrrr she'll just be born small like I was. Leave it to my child to be all like "I'm just gonna come when I want and you won't even know WHEN!" Kidding, of course..but one of these days I'll tell the story (or have my mom guest write a post about how I made 2 or 3 fake appearances before the real deal. so tricky...so tricky. gotcha, mom!) (see the trend...)

Anyways. Look at us, turning into one of those blogs that is baby crazed and rambly. Whateva though! 'Cause it's truly crazy to fall in love with a little tiny baby you haven't even met yet along with the PERSON you love who also loves you!

That's a lot of love and a huge huge miracle.

I'll write something cooler later after I've slept for like 42 hours straight. Promise.