He provides. A lot.

I've totally been neglecting writing lately. Dumb. But what a better way to start than to share this hilarious picture Chris got of Pax using the photobooth app: 

He really looks like an unintelligent bunny or something. We laughed. Goodness. I don't have an iphone or any other kind of "smart" device...but if I did..I'm pretty sure that's all I'd do. 

In other news..pregnancy is just so strange sometimes and also quite humorous and I'm learning to laugh. Mostly, though, all I really want to eat ever is asian food. Chris found an asian grocery store nearby and we totally stocked up...I'm serious people..I could eat asian EVERY day for every meal right now. Check out the goods:

Anyways, don't get me wrong--I feel totally empowered by this whole "my body is developing a living human being" right now..but at the same time I'm all like WHATINTHEWORLDISHAPPENINGTOME. There is a happy medium somewhere out there and I'll probably find it in a subsequent pregnancy or something or never. Like last week at some point I basically had a break down in the bathroom because my pants don't fit and I couldn't find my hairbrush. But honestly..who is to say this wouldn't happen in the world of Jordan if I wasn't pregnant. Nobody. It's just extra hormonal and out of control now. I'm learning all kinds of good things about having grace with myself. But let me tell you about something that NEVER gets old: imagining our baby in there hanging out, getting stronger and bigger every day. Good job, baby!

I'd love to write about all of the profound things I've been contemplating lately except that there aren't many. But I do have an awesome story of provision. God's provision:

Birthing babies is apparently REALLY expensive! Yeah, I know..babies in general are expensive but SHOOT, give a woman a break--she's gotta grow this thing all by herself and then pay people when the baby decides they are big enough to make their exciting and miraculous debut into the world. What kind of joke is that. Anyways. I'm kidding--I'm so grateful for good medical care. So we've been blessed with really good insurance that just so happened to become SUPA good right when we decided to go to a birthing center. (The previous insurance covered...drum roll please......ZERO percent of birthing center births.) All of the suddent...the insurance switched to something that has way better birthing center coverage. (That's provision story number 1A.)
So we're on board with the birthing center and we get our initial quote: 1500. Before the insurance switched..it was like....3500. So we basically FREAKED OUT. 1500 for a birth is incredible. Incredible. 
God is too good of a dad to settle for that though. So what happened was....our birthing center called and said, "we're going to apply for a gap exception because it looks like our birthing center is still considered 'out of network' with your provider. BUT LISTEN--don't get your hopes up because 1500 is really really reallly REALLLLY good and this insurance company like never accepts these applications...it's basically like winning the lottery."
I'm not kidding. She said all of those things. No fabrications.
A few months later. We get a letter in the mail. I had to sort through the insurance/medical jargon to get to the point but essentially it said, "GOD LOVES YOU AND YOUR BABY AND YOU JUST WON THE INSURANCE LOTTERY" because our total bill was marked as..............................
a whopping 125 dollars.
ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. People spend more than that on.......like.............a weekend...or a day.
For a BIRTH!?!?!? What in the stinkin' world.
When I went in for my next appointment...and had to sign off that I received our "bill," they reassured me that this was absolutely ridiculous and they have to make sure none of the other prego mommas find out because they'll get all fierce and hormonal on me. 

This. is. not. a joke. We are paying 125 dollars for our entire pregnancy/birthing extravaganza. I can't even think of a good ending to this story because it's just too mind blowing. God LOVES to provide for his children, even when you are told it's totally not gonna happen. And it's true--He really loves babies. A lot.

K, that's all. Sorry for all the caps lock and stuff but I really am yelling those things in my head so that's how you should read it.