this is turning into a mom blog....

but I don't even care because I'm pregnant and this is our first child and I can do what I want.
But for reals-I can't COUNT the number of people I've told about my severe dislike of super frilly pink baby clothes, because for one...I'm not giving birth to a fairy princess, she's a human. And two--I've never liked pink.
I know what you're thinking. You're all like "but what if she really likes pink!?" And to that I say--our sweet child isn't going to be able to voice that opinion for a while and unless she manipulates us into buying pink frilly dresses through grunts and baby-shoplifting, she'll be wearing what we want her to wear. Ugh, worst parents ever I KNOW. She can decide what colors she likes and if she decides she wants to get married in a pink wedding dress--we'll support her. Happy?
OKAY. Controlling mom soapbox over. The main reason I'm typing this is that since having these convos, a ton of people have been like, "You're not going to be able to escape finding pink baby clothes." I totally get that. Chris and I went to some psycho baby mart store (I think they call it "Buy Buy Baby" out there in the world) and we basically entered into a world that was 50% pink and 50% blue and in the end we left with nothing but major headaches, exhaustion, and a mild case of confusion over this contraption called the "mamaRoo" which looks like an egg shaped space machine that your baby goes into when they want to time travel or something. It was a strange experience to say the least, and the fact that it's nearly impossible to find any non-pink-frilly clothes in there is a story for another occasion. (I could say the same for the boy=blue crapola so don't think I'm all one sided and stuff.) We redeemed the situation by eating a great deal of mongolian stir fry which helped the hyperventilation to cease.
Anyways, I'm here to tell you that it can be done, and I'm about to have a pinterest board FULL of examples for yo' butt. Example one is on the top left of this post. SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE? Obviously girly but not fairy-like=perfect. And if you still want to ask me "how people are going to know she's a girl" I'll say that if they know us then obviously they know...and if they are strangers I could care less what gender they think she is. Why do I need to label her with a color? I mean, shoot..all babies look like little bald males so who really cares.
What I love about clothes like the ones above is that since super-stores mass produce fairy clothes for girls and masculine colored man clothes for boys, cool/artsy people come up with these gems all over etsy and stuff.....because all the cool people have decided to sew their own dang baby clothes. Yes, etsy is more expensive....and we're poor, but it's an added bonus that we can support etsy/local crafty people when we can. And hopefully all the baby consignment stores will be left with the good stuff we love since all the normal people are going to buy out all the pink. Win win.


Good thing she's a summer baby. She's going to be rockin the diaper-only look like a champ.