wonderful counselor and a lesson on pregnancy talk

They say babies grow exponentially in the womb. Just kidding--they don't just say it..it's true. But another fact is that they exponentially suck any form of energy out of their mommas (probably to prepare them from the energy sucking they do after their born with all the not sleeping and stuff.) No, but really--I could sleep at any moment. Anywhere. ANYWHERE. My body is exhausted!

So before bed last night--when I was uber tired and feeling not so pregnant-super-womanish, I read over Romans 8 where it says that the Spirit intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words. Through my lack of energy and inability to find the words to pray...the Spirit helps communicate with the Father on MY behalf with sighs that words can't even describe. I can't count the number of times I've read that verse...but it was/is literally one of the most comforting things ever.

What a good and mighty counselor.


On another note, it seems that everybody (work friends, non-work friends, family) is pregnant. It's contagious or something. (Right? Isn't that how this happens?) And so I was joking with a friend about the various things that it's okay to say to pregnant people. Maybe you're pregnant and you're all like "I don't care what people say to me" and the more power to ya. BUT--I'm doing this for the rest of us that are hormonal and have crazy feelings about things that normally don't matter. So without further notice, here are some things you shouldn't say to pregnant people (unless you know them rrreeeaaallllyyy well and know they wouldn't care.) Also, don't take this so seriously. I'm really laughing at all of these things and I promise I haven't judged people when they've said some (most) of them to me.....babies are exciting and a lot of people just say the first thing that comes to mind.

-You look SOOOOO BIG! (Pregnant..non-pregnant..is that ever a fun thing to hear?)
-You look SOOOOO small! (Pregnant mind translation= WOW! Doesn't look like the baby is growing AT ALL, but by all means...after the birth....bring on this phrase.)
-Man! You're about to POP! (No, actually, you have no idea when my due date is and I could very well have a few MONTHS to go.)
-You don't want an epidural!? WHY. (Trust me-we're well aware that childbirth is going to.....hurt. I know, I know, you think the word "hurt" is an understatement. Shh. Also--nobody is judging the fact that you got one so stop getting all defensive.)
-Do midwives even GO to school? I thought they were like self-trained.'Cause my friend is a doula and she hasn't been to school. (Um......yes they go to school. Midwives and doulas are two different thangs.)
-Are you planning on breastfeeding? (That's like me asking you how many times in a day you poop.)
-Was it planned? (Again...that likes me asking how many times a day you poop.)
-You sure there aren't twins in there? (See phrase one.)
-What are you naming him/her? (This one isn't so bad. But maybe ask--are you sharing their name?)
-Are you going to work after the baby comes? (How about we sit down and I tell you all of my life plans so you can decide if you approve or not?)
-*Watching you drink coffee**You can drink that!? I thought you couldn't have caffeine! (Umm first of all..this cup may very well be full of decaf. And it also may very well be full of *GASP* caffeinated coffee. Because caffeine consumption is most DEFINITELY talked about during your initial baby appointments and a little bit every so often (even every day) is allowed, especially after the first trimester.)
-Is your husband having to run out and get you all kinds of weird foods? (Um. No, nothing I eat is weird. And also--that makes me sound like a demanding hormonal wife. You don't even know my man!)

OKAY-I don't want to be all discouraging so here are some things that are perfectly awesome to say!:
-You look BEAUTIFUL.
-That's the most exciting thing EVER.
-Awww I can't wait to meet him/her!
-You guys are going to be awesome parents.
-Yay! God loves babies! (He does.)
-He/She is going to be sooo cute/sweet.