As I type this, little Ellie is just flipping all around, which is indeed a victory and also slightly heartbreaking because of all of the wondering it leads to. But there's been enough bad news in our country this week so I don't even want to add to the chaos.

Chris and I are doing okay and even though I've said it a million times, (and will say it a million more) I really have the best husband ever. He is taking such good care of me. It constantly blows my mind--because then I get to think about how much MORE God is taking care of me. Amazing. I am so blessed. I don't know what our future holds--but knowing how lovingly he has been carrying me through this just makes me want to cry with joy that God has provided such an amazing man for me.

Which is WHY I recently booked a hotel in the ATL for our 2 year anniversary in less than a month...because Chris has literally been talking about the Georgia zoo for like 700 years. That's right. 700. P.S. Have we really been married less than 2 years? Does all of this Ellie stuff give us the honor of adding pretend years on because it surely has made it feel like we've been married for a lot longer. I vote yes. When I say pretend years..I don't mean "ohh, yea, we've been married sooo lonnng and our marriage is sooo worn." I really mean, "shoot, people, our relationship stinkin' rocks and it's getting stronger and stronger because of all of this." As much as trials suck..and I mean...this one SUCKS...it does force us to grow.

That's a terrible place to end.
Once again--thank you to all of you who have been lifting us up in prayer.
When I get time, I'll be posting about our experience in taking Ellie to IHOP in Atlanta.

That will be a good story.