Ellie Update (We're sorry!)

So--we've been getting a LOT of questions about Ellie updates and I am so sorry it's taken this long. After the last (bad) turn of events we just needed some time to decompress. So first we want to encourage you--

because the news about her chromosomes being clear of abnormalities WAS something to celebrate. We absolutely should have rejoiced and shared the news. You heard the story--the doctor's were convinced..all that to say--we don't have the greatest news to share now, but we want to encourage this body of believers that has been surrounding us in the fact that we SHOULD have and SHOULD still be waiting expectantly for God to work. We absolutely can rejoice in these bits of good news and we don't want any person to feel discouraged or disappointed that she is not yet fully healed. So..yes. That's what we wanted to say about that.

When we went back to the doctor after finding out that she doesn't have any chromosomal abnormalities, they were not impressed with her growth. There is still something keeping her from growing but we can't get a diagnosis because the doctor's just aren't sure. She is displaying the same characteristics as trisomy 18 but it obviously isn't that--but they just don't know.

All that to say, she should be over a couple pounds in weight by now, and she's still hasn't hit one pound. She's also not swallowing as she should be so her stomach bubble is pretty small. She should be swallowing amniotic fluid at this point to work those muscles and practice for life. So what's next? We wait. (Which may make my last post make a little more sense now.) I hate to even type this but I will so that we can pray hard--the doctor's basically told us her chance of survival is slim. I can't describe the pain of that sentence, but there it is. We believe in a God who heals, and there are NO sick babies in heaven...so we're praying for the Kingdom on earth very very very hard and persistently...and we are holding that in balance with the truth that her being is not just her body...she has a soul--and no matter what happens on this Earth she will get to spend eternity with Jesus (and us one day.) We're just hoping that that is after she has a long life with us. Join us in praying.

We're also taking Elliebelly to IHOP (int'l house of prayer...not pancakes..although I'm sure she would enjoy pancakes too) in Atlanta next Saturday for the weekly healing service because our friends mentioned it and we were like................duh. Why wouldn't we go!? So if you need healing or want to join--just know we'll be there on April 13th loving on our sweet baby.

PS. I'm just going to respond on here to a lot of questions we've been getting in case you're one of the ones who has been wondering:
-The doctor's do NOT seem to believe that this is something Chris and I will have to worry about for future pregnancies. It's apparently very rare. But yes, we still are going to follow up with some testing to avoid ever ever ever experiencing this again if we can help it.
-Apparently nothing is wrong with my placenta (sorry, we use medical terms around these parts) or any other part necessary for her growth. Blood flow, the umbilical cord, fluids--all that is good (which rocks, but also is puzzling and not helpful in diagnosing her.)
-I'm feeling fine (physically). I don't feel sick or any of that jazz. I still feel her move around in there (especially when she's prayed over..seriously) and the only parts of me that "hurt" are my heart and my brain...
-Didn't want to end on that note. So...now we can end.

Thank you so much for the support and prayers........we have no idea how we are going to express our gratitude except to ask God to bless you guys immensely and give you a lot of hugs..