Happy Anniversary! We're getting away!

(for the night.)

We're headed to ATL like the true gangstas we are to celebrate 2 years of marriage. Goodness. It feels like we've been married forever, and also that it was just yesterday that we had our marriage ceremony. And even though we're celebrating a week-ish early, I wanted to go ahead and post about my sweet husband so we can kick off our celebrating the right way. :)

Yep, this is going to be a sappy post and I'm okay with it.
So, my husband, here's a very very brief list of wonderful things about yourself that you would rarely admit to being true because you are too kind to acknowledge your awesomeness (15 specifically in honor of our anniversary date.)

1. It is absolutely fantastic how even though a lot of people know that you're silly--nobody REALLY knows this side of you like I do. I spend so much time laughing at with you that it often leads to intense ab soreness, which I totally appreciate. You are literally the silliest.
2. You are so kind and gentle, but you don't even know it. You are able to comfort me effortlessly, even without words.
3. You know me so well that you don't allow me to keep things inside that I should be expressing--often times you know these things even before I do, and you persist in coaching me through it because you know that it ALWAYS makes me feel better (even if I don't admit it right away.)
4. You care deeply about my family.
5. You're really really attractive. (I put this at number five as opposed to earlier so people wouldn't think I married you for your good looks. Kidding kidding kidding. But seriously.)
6. You are the BEST chef and you never get tired of cooking for me. What!? Seriously...I love that I have a husband who wants to cook for and with me every single day. Also, it's ridiculous that you make me breakfast every single morning. I'm sorry for being such a morning zombie.
7. When I'm sick, you literally turn into super-nurse-husband-man and make me all those amazing natural concoctions of juices and remedies just because you want to. I don't ever remember being sick and physically asking for anything at all because you serve me so well that I don't even have time to think of something I may need. You're literally going to be the best nurse.
8. You spend so much time praying for me and over me, especially during the times that I don't verbalize that I need prayer. You speak scripture over me and lead our family so well. And along the same lines, you correct me in the most gentle way when you notice something about the state of my heart that is dark and sinful.
9. You give the GREATEST HUGS OF ALL TIMES. Oh goodness, yes. (And you are so intentional about remembering frequently that my love language is touch and not making me feel crazy for wanting so many hugs and kisses.)
10. You are so good at dancing and if people really knew how much you danced they would beg me to set up video cameras everywhere so they could witness the greatness of it. (And I would say no because I selfishly would like to keep all of your dancing skills to myself.)
11. You are talented at too many things to list. It's like everything you try you succeed at.
12. You firmly believe in taking care of the orphans and the widows and you want a big family--perfect.
13. You value quality time with me and you ALWAYS want me to come with you to do regular old errands like grocery shopping or putting oil in your car or something. "But Jordan! It's so much fun if we do it togetherrrr!" The amount of times I've heard that....brilliant.
14. You always always always put my needs above yours (something I could take a lesson in.) Literally, no matter what you're in the middle of--you always drop it completely to help me out without ever asking me to wait. Gosh--one day I'll be better about that one.
15. You constantly amaze me with your compassion for others. All of the things I listed above are things you would do for ANYBODY--welllllll, maybe with the exception of the huggin' and kissin part ;)
and I just love that. You are truly a servant and you inspire me to be the same.

I could literally go on forever.
But it's time to celebrate! :)
Every day of marriage with you is better than the last--just imagine where we'll be years from now.
God has blessed me immensely by placing you in my life.