Bahhhh pregnant belly! it teaches you so much about appreciating your body and the things it is capable of. FULLY believing that tomorrow is the first of MANY mother's day celebrations with my Ellie girl. 

And just a few photos from our anniversary celebration in Atlanta. I ended up not taking as many as I normally I do but partially because it was PACKED at the aquarium and I didn't feel like messing with my camera in the chaos of the crowds.  

(Heyyyyy, best dimple EVER.)

FREE anniversary churros from Alma Cocina. :) Soooo yummmmy:

Going to sleep next to this face NEVER ever ever ever ever gets old. Ever.

Off to half-enjoy my Saturday. Only half because my better half is spending his day at clinicals on the labor and delivery floor at the hospital. I need to document this mostly because I'm betting with myself that when he comes home today he's going to say, "Jordan. I can totally deliver Ellie myself. Let's do this." And then he'll try to slip contraction inducing herbs into all of my drinks so he can test his skills.
Just kidding.
But maybe.
Similar but not completely the same as when he walked out of somewhere in the house with some kind of torturous needle contraption (I think they call them "syringes") full of saline solution so he could wait until I fell asleep to stick all of my veins. (No he didn't actually do that but he thought about it, I just know it.)
The very same veins he is strangely enamored with since he has begun nursing school. The day he told me I had attractive arm veins was the day I said you're probably in the right field and also you're really creepy. "But Jorddannnn they are so juiiicccyyy." Yeah. Juicy and full of blood that I need for SURVIVAL so back off. Does anyone else have these problems? Probably not.
Onward with my day with the Elliebellyyyyy.