I think I can?

Not even going to lie. I freaked out slightly (a lot) when I flipped the calendar in our kitchen from May to June. Like...I JUST wrote a post about how we're going to make it, didn't I?

It was still May when I wrote that, huh.

Oh well.

I still know we're going to make it...but I got that sick feeling in my stomach and then I was like........okay. well....................okay. And then I walked away and reminded myself that I am indeed still breathing. And so is Ellie. Well...she's not necessarily like..breathing as much as she's like floating and inhaling fluids as opposed to air but you get the point.

So anyways, that's what I'm feeling like today! Just for the record. Also, Chris is in clinicals so the calendar flipping event happened when I was all alone waiting for my decaf-not-as-good-as-regular-coffee to brew and I successfully crossed off the last day of May and survived emotionally (sorta) without even receiving any hugs. Because normally that would have merited a 4 to 6 minute hug at LEAST and some whining and then Chris giving me a pep talk. Proud moments.

Alright...onward we go.