I drove for the first time today post c-section. The seat belt felt slightly uncomfortable on my waist, so I sorta held it out a little further, but for the most part it was good. The only bad part of the whole experience was when I arrived at my destination (my brother's basically empty apartment that he's living in alone) and found THESE NASTY STOOLS. Three of them. Three. They all looked like they had been thrown into a cage with barstool eating ninja monsters. How does that even happen? All three of them! Gross.
Anyways, so since I have some time on my hands I took them from him (without even lecturing him on how to live like a civil human being) and painted them and recovered them with some hilarious/awesome mustache fabric. The only thing I'm mad about is that I took a before picture of the stools AFTER I had already repainted the legs. Fail. I forgot. But before the black they were nasty dark wood. So just use your imagination and give me an award for being the best sister ever.