Just a little recap and also can we PLEASECATCHABREAK.

Ah, here. An analogy:

If the entirety of nursing school were the Harry Potter series (this is happening) then the month of July is the Order of the Phoenix. It's scary and dark and also necessary in order to complete the story that is nursing school but sometimes I want to cry and also throw the book before moving forward and I'M NOT EVEN THE ONE ATTENDING NURSING SCHOOL. Empathetic wife? More like IWANTMYHUSBANDBACK and also if I ever ever needed him ever at all it's like right now clearly is the time. Hello.

If you haven't read Harry Potter you should just stop right this second and slap yourself on the hand and go retrieve them. And if you disagree with me and think that the Deathly Hallows is actually the darkest book then I'll deal with you later.

That's all the analogies I have for today.

But I do know that I'm tired of seeing my sweet husband go to sleep all stressed out and never feeling accomplished and overwhelmed with a work load that doesn't end because seriously? Have you met this guy? He is the hardest worker I know. And let's be honest. I would never have the emotional capacity to lose my child and then begin back at school not even a week later. Granted, yes, he is going to need time to decompress after all this is over but for real. He's so strong.

If you recall correctly, this means that July is by far the worst month of nursing school...but JUNE. June was by far the worst month of, say, our LIFE. We're 2 for 2, people.

So, August, my friend..you better freaking rock.

And, Chris, here's a picture of us kissing (to remind you of better times) while that mean lady was watching us (gross, PDA) and so offended because we're so scandalous (give me a break) and it was raining so OBVIOUSLY we had to pass the time some how, am I right am I right!? Love you to the moon.