some things and coffee and other things

I'm so thankful for everyone who has sent me such great feedback on the post about my struggles with empathy right now. Totally awesome and life giving. I'm working through it and know that I'll be able to look back and see how this is all shaping me post-Ellie.


What's new around here?

Getting SUPA freakin' pumped about this cruise in 2 weeks and I can barely stand it. I haven't been excited about anything since who remembers when. It feels good. Feels really good to have something to look forward to in the midst of all of the hurt and the NOT looking forward to most day to day things without Ellie. Can't get over how kind and generous our family is. UGH. Side note..I can't wait till the day we can surprise people with cruises and stuff. I mean. It's amazing to be on this end of it and we'd lovvvvvvve to be the givers. SO cool.

Anybody wanna know a fun fact about me? I own zero pairs of heels.(Pretend you didn't read that, Mandy.) I started packing already some things for the vacay and thought about what to wear for fancier nights and bam. I realized it. Not even from my wedding because I wore Toms. So. Nothing. None. I decided I'd get a pair to take so that I can pretend I'm fancy.

In other news, I tried to make cold brewed iced coffee for the first time yesterday because my friend posted about how she did it and I trust just about everything she says and just about everything the Pioneer Woman says, and the PW also has a really good looking recipe. I guess before I was just really worried that it wouldn't be strong enough. But it totally is and it's delicious, so if you haven't tried it you should! (I used to just make coffee in the coffeemaker and then put it in the fridge until cold. Cold brewed coffee tastes different and better.)

Because this is turning into the most boring post of my life I'm going to end it.