Things that make my life better right now

I got my hair did. I never ever do anything crazy to my hair. This doesn't even really count as crazy but to me it does. My mom is super brave with her hair and she is extra brave with it when she's going through something stressful. It's like her coping mechanism. Clearly she passed it on to me and clearly my life has been just dandy until, say 5 months ago because I've never felt the urge. But alas. It has arrived. One wouldn't think I'd be that hesitant to mess with my hair because I have and have had plenty of piercings and a tattoo. Those things don't phase me. But my mom is right. She's all like, "It's just hair."

SO I did this this to it:
Try to ignore the color in the photo on the right. The left is more accurate because it was taken in sunlight. The one on the right proves that our bathroom lighting is craptastic, and also ignore my huge black T. I thought I was going to have dye all over me when I went because I've never done this stuff before. I guess they have fancy capes for that and also they are professionals? or something. Duh. I apologized to my new BFF, Naomi, (no literally, BFF's because it took like 4 hours to get through all that hair) in advance for having so much hair just like I do when I get it cut. At the beginning they are always like oh it's fine! and at the end they are like holy CRAP sista your hair is out-of-control-thick. And then I tip like a billion dollars because I felt terrible for their arms.

Anyways. I love it.
It's not ombre. It's called "balayage." See how fancy I am? Google it.
Kidding. The salon lady taught me that word.

K, and awesome thing number two:

Ellie's precious feet on our wall. Thanks to the lovely Sarah Mudder (Best Gal Photography) for the beautiful picture. This picture makes us so happy. Ignore my awkward angled ipad photo..I promise the picture is not crooked on the wall.

And now, my husband and I are going on a freakin DATE, y'all. In the real world.This is the first fourth of July ever that we haven't done stuff with people and committed to setting off explosives. Rebels. If I'm extra honest--Chris and I talked about how it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if it kept raining and people couldn't light any fireworks and then we could go to sleep early. WEARESOCOOLOMG.